Boise Tattoo and Piercing Studio Talon Tattoo Company
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About Talon Tattoo

Kick back and get to know us a bit!

Talon Tattoo is a family owned and operated tattoo and piercing shop out of Boise, Idaho that is owned by John and Tiffany Lasco. Their master artist John has been tattooing in the Treasure Valley for over 15 years. As a BSU student with a major in business and a minor in art. He went in search of a career that would allow him to use his passion and artistic ability.


John’s opportunity came when he was honored with the opportunity to apprentice as a tattoo atist under the talented Dave Stone who owned Broadway, 6th Street and Rosehill Tattoo. John spent his first years under the guidance of Dave and some of his other gifted artists in his employ, all of whom taught him so much more than tattooing. In 2005 John completed his full apprenticeship and earned the title of “Master Artist”. He stayed in the employ of his mentor and operated at 6th Street Studio until late 2007.


John’s wife Tiffany spent 5 years as a Finance Manager for Harley-Davidson while pursuing a major in health science with certificates in CNA, phlebotomy, and EMT. In 2007 John and Tiffany decided to strike out on their own with the blessings of his mentor and friends. It was then that they opened Talon Tattoo Co in which they appropriately named after their oldest son. The idea was to build a tattoo and piercing shop with a comfortable feel, top of the line equipment and sterilization, while always providing amazing and original tattoos to their customers.


With the successful first few years, a great crew and an amazingly strong and unbelievably loyal client base, as well as an awesome circle of friends and businesses who all helped to support and promote Talon in so many ways things just couldn’t be better.


The crew here at Talon Tattoo Co takes pride in providing the Boise area with quality tattoo and piercing services and looks forward to doing so for many years to come.

Meet the team

We’re just friends you haven’t met yet!

John Lasco
Master Artist
Nickname: Big John
Age: 35 years old (Sagittarius)
Specializing in: Custom Tattoo Designs
My Passions: My Biggest passion is and always will be my family. I love art and the joy it brings to my life and those I tattoo.
Job History:
Broadway Tattoo 2001 – 2007
6th Street Tattoo 2002 – 2007
Talon Tattoo Studio 2007 – Current (Owner)
Tiffany Lasco
The Big Boss
Nickname: The Wife
Age: Younger than John (Scorpio)
Specializing in: Portrait style tattoos, Electro Cautery Branding, Dermal Piercing, Digital Design and, the business end of Talon Tattoo.
Passions: My family most of all, the customers who have become friends and my photography.
Job History
Harley-Davidson 2002 – 2007
Talon Tattoo 2007 – Current (Owner)
Pete Sonneman
Age: 27 yrs old ( Virgo )
Specializing in: apprentice artist, digital artist , comic/pop culture art 
My passions : Finding and building up the next generation of young artists . There's nothing I like more than getting to know people and what drives them.
Job History: Barnes&Noble 2012-2014 Albertsons 2014-2018
Talon Tattoo 2017-present
Heidi Eld
Age: Old enough that I should know better ( Libra )
Specializing in : Shop Manager, body piercing, dermal piercings 
My passions: My family, my fur babies, my friends. While working on making our house the dream home we've always wanted to share with family and friends
Job History: Fred Meyer 2000-2017
Talon Tattoo 2017-present